With over 20 years of experience in NYC in fashion, design, advertising and marketing, Cathy Cioffi moved herself, her daughter and LittleHeart to Woodstock, in 2003, now doing Advertising, Identity Graphics & Web Design for many local clients in Woodstock and the Hudson Valley region, as well as NYC, and other locations.

New in '09 - we can design your website so that you can update it and maintain it yourself. See web section for more information.

We excel in producing creative, entertaining and attractive advertising & identity materials for small to mid sized businesses, individual practitioners and professionals.

"the heart" of your message...

While the brain looks for clues, the heart knows the answers.The heart is the home of intuition and "thinks" at once faster and more clearly than the brain, giving birth to divine inspiration, artistic genius and ultimately, persuasive communication. The Sistine Chapel is an example of "thought from the heart". This imagery touches all who see it regardless of religious predisposition.

It is this impulse and no other, that is the key to brilliant advertising - it is this sensibility that informs our work at LittleHeart.



ads & ad campaigns / concepts • branding • books • brochures • logo & identity graphics • business cards • copy • marketing strategies • original art • office stationary • power point presentations • web design • and all that other stuff that makes you crazy.